Wednesday, May 2, 2007

A find from the past

I went on a vacation and couldn't find any crazy game stuff, but that doesn't mean I don't have a few aces up my sleeve (or closet).

So what is it?

Is it any good?

Better than buying new stuff?

Oh it is good, behold: A SEGA CDX!!

That's right, another semi-obscure piece of SEGA's past, this came with a bunch of very crappy games, like two copies of Sewer Shark and a few of those Make My Video, after much arguing and haggling and begging and nearly crying, the guy decided to sell the CDX to me with all hookups and no games.

So what is so special about this one? Well, as the name suggests, it's a SEGA Genesis and a SEGA CD in one, with the huge advantage of having a single power supply, not having to swim in a sea of cables, compact size and it doubles as a "portable" CD player!

Just pop in a couple AA Batteries, plug in some headphones and Presto! Not too exciting in this day and age, but back then, I guess it was a cool feature and the first generation CD players were about as bulky and used more batteries.

As for the games part, it works just like a regular SEGA CD and Genesis, no cart and it reads off the CD. This one is also compatible with the 32x, but I have read that some are not, I tried to put the Power Base Converter, but it was bending the power cable, so that will remain a mystery until I decide to tear it apart.

And finally, the size part. A picture is worth a thousand words, so here are some comparison shots with all the other Gennys I have.

Genesis 3

The Genesis 2 and SEGA CD 2

Genesis 1 and SEGA CD 1

And last but not least, the almighty NOMAD! Or two for that matter.


The GagaMan(n) said...

Wow, nice collection of Sega systems. I have a CDX (over here it's called the Multi Mega) but the Nomad and Genesis 3 never got a release in the UK.

Porroe said...

I remember the NOMAD as a Toys R Us exclusive and the Genesis 3 being very cheap, I think about $32 with a couple games or something like that.

Do you know if Genesis games are region protected? I remember playing a Mega Drive game on a Genesis, but not sure if all games are region free.

I wonder how the Nomad will react to a PAL game

gnome said...

Well, as all the MegaDrive/Genesis games I played where played on a Japanese import that had to be "chiped" I think they are pretty much region locked...

BTW, impressive post!

Caleb said...

Wow Nice Post!

AWESOME pictures!

I just got a Genesis 1 and a Sega CD 2. I had to clean the hell outta both of them with contact cleaner before they started to work perfectly again.

Does anyone know if there is any reason you shouldn't use the Genesis 1 with the Sega CD 2?

I hooked up the Sega CD 2 to both my Genesis one and two and didn't notice any difference.

My SegaCD has the extender on it and I kinda like the bulkiness of having the Genesis one attached to it. It looks cool.

Again. Awesome post!

Porroe said...

I just did some searching for the region thing, apparently some games are not region locked and some are, also you can make a region switch for the NOMAD.

What kind of cleaner do you use? I want to clean my power base converter and a Genny.

As far as I know you can mix and match Genesis and Sega CDs

fatherkrishna said...

Nice haul Porroe, I'm loving your Sega love...

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