Monday, March 17, 2008

Game Accesories: Saturn Multitaps

So... you have friends huh?

Maybe they're up for a game, but it's not that easy, not if you have more than one at least. So what you need is a multitap.

There it is, the US multitap, good for a few rounds of Three Dirty Dwarves or Bomberman, but although it is similar to the Saturn and looks well with it, there is always room for a little style.

They don't get any more stylish than this, the japanese version with Bomberman's face and all, the same functionality, but way much better looking. So once again we end up with the serious looking peripherals.

At least the US version has a longer cord, not that it's really useful though.

They are both similarly priced, and are often found on ebay or on forums, which is where each of these came from.