Sunday, May 6, 2007

History Revisited

Today was another quick visit to the flea market, nothing new, but still interesting stuff.

First off a copy of Zelda: A Link to The Past, pretty good game that still holds up and my favorite Zelda to date, featuring none of the annoying voice clips from the GBA port, this is always a welcome find.

Next off a Snes Multitap, decent price, but I was about to pass on it, I already own one of those and another no-name brand too, and still no Bomberman games or any multiplayer games for that matter on Snes.

But then along came this (Make a wild guess):

That's right, yet another NOMAD, this one sporting a crack on the screen, but I was planning on getting replacements from ebay anyways, the other problem was the price, seeing it came with no games or AC adapter, I tried haggling to no effect, but still didn't want to pay full price or leave it there. So what do you do in these cases? Taunt the seller and challenge him to a coin toss! If I lost, I would pay full price, if I won, I pay full price but take the multitap along too.

Since you are reading this, you know who won this one!

So there you have it, now there are three of these things here, maybe I should start building a house out of them or something.


seigi ac said...

HEY! I thought the only way to deal with a problem porroe-style was IN THE DANCING FLOOR!



Porroe said...

Not this time, but it was just as effective

Anonymous said...

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