Thursday, April 19, 2007

Mega Bomberman

Last weekend was terrible, a friend came by and woke me up to go to the flea market with her, that is usually good except when being practically broke, first I saw a Saturn 3D pad, a bit pricey, so I decided to come back later. After a while, I saw yet another NOMAD, no, I kid you not, for some reason they have been popping up in my area lately, it had a damaged screen cover and the guy wanted $15 for it, could have haggled it to $10, but that is no use when all you have is $5, but not all was lost, sticking out on top of the NOMAD was, you guessed it........(or read the post title, or had a look at the picture below) Mega Bomberman!!

There you have it, Bomberman for the Sega Genesis, at long last, something I could afford! and finally a use for my Genesis multitap, the game, as you can see came with a Box, but no manual.

It's great party game, cute graphics and sports a cool cover, that guy was as bad-ass as you could get in the 90's, Mohawk, Sunglasses and a Skull belt, what more could you ask for?

I know what! a plastic case, the box is cardboard, resembling more the NES and SNES boxes, than the durable genesis boxes, small detail, but with a game this good, it doesn't matter.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Miniature DC and ST Key

A couple days ago, a friend went to the post office to check my mail and what was awaiting there?

No less than a miniature SEGA Dreamcast!!

Here it is in all its glory, It belongs to a series called Sega History Collection. It's very detailed, comes with 2 VMU's with caps (now easier to lose than the real thing!), a detachable modem, Space Channel 5 complete with case, and of course a controller.

This thing is just so cool that the VMU's even fit inside the controller, however you cannot link them, the SC5 disc fits inside the console and the controller can be plugged in.

Everything comes in very accurate proportion, except for the controller cable, the real one unfortunately is much much shorter. The whole thing is very small, check out the comparison shot with the other thing I got....

A ST Key for the SEGA Saturn, this, as you probably guessed, is an import loader, not much to say here, except for so far, so good, all you have to do is plug it in, wait for the SEGA logo, the ST Key splash screen, press a button and presto!, imports on your Saturn.

And where did these wonders come from? From the racketboy forums, grittykitty is selling lots of cool stuff right in this thread at great prices, mostly japanese Saturn and DC stuff, as well as the complete miniature SEGA set.

So there you have it, sorry for the blurry pics, hopefully I'll get a camera soon.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Remy for all

This one is from last week, there was a guy selling a few Remy action figures from SFIII 3rd Strike for $1.50 each, they all come with 2 heads, 4 sets of hands and a plastic thingy that I can hardly make stay in place that is supposed to be the light of virtue. Pretty cool looking, but its kind of hard to get them to stand without leaning on something.

They were all in the original packaging but that didn't last much long, I'm not really one of those "everything must be shrink-wrapped" collectors and my sister opened all the packages to do this:
Pretty fun, just remember not to smell the plastic when you take them out, stinks like hell.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Some NES games..........and a NOMAD!

Today there was a good loot, first a few crappy beat up NES games, all in poor condition but working, they are: Anticipation, Rollergames, NES Play Action Football, Tecmo Bowl, Gotcha and Al Unser Jr. Turbo Racing, out of the whole lot perhaps only Kung Fu and Rollergames are worth more than 10 minutes, but the guy wanted 3 dollars for the lot, anyways, this isn't about those ugly games, its about that other thing I found.


Yes, that ill-fated, not-so-portable Genesis that SEGA released in the old days. I just love it, this is the third one for me, but one got stolen, that thing is so huge I wish I could beat the guy who stole the other one with it, that would do some serious damage.

Anyways, back to this NOMAD, the screen isn't too scratched, unnoticeable while playing thanks to the battery draining backlight. It came with no battery pack, I've actually never seen a NOMAD battery pack and there is no place in it to put regular batteries, but I've read those things only give you like 2 hours of play time and that you are better off with the AC adapter, which thankfully is the same one as the Genesis 2, 3 and 32x, so it isn't very hard to find.

The NOMAD's screen looks long as nothing is moving, Sonic looks like a blur in it, which is actually kind of normal, but Eric Lecarde of Castlevania does too and also the bullets from Contra, and pretty much every sidescrolling hero, but most games are pretty much playable, like Street Fighter or Puyo Puyo, er...Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine.

Another cool feature of the NOMAD is that it has a controller port at the bottom and an A/V out jack at the top, also like the ones on the Genesis 2, 3 and 32x so you can hook it on a TV and play with a friend.

Definetily recommended if you are a Sega or at least a 16-bit fan.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

And it begins.....

Hey everybody, if anyone, this is where I'll post my findings as a game collector and collector of random weird stuff, and it will also serve as a way to keep track of what I have and how much my hobby costs me.

This thing just got started, so sorry if everything's too crappy now or stays crappy, tips and criticism are always welcome.

Hopefully I'll update frequently with new findings and things I bought before starting this.

So here it goes.......

Image Hosted by

Price: $13.50

This is a Sega Master System, The SEGA 3-D glasses, a Light Phaser and quite a few games, most of them boxed and a stack of loose carts, no AV cable or RF Switch and no AC Adapter, but being a collector for a while, I have a few spares.

Everything is in good condition and most of the games have manuals and some promo posters. The games are:

Maze Hunter 3-D
Poseidon Wars 3-D
Black Belt
Great Basketball
Rambo First Blood Part II
Hang On/Safari Hunt (x2)
Great Basketball
Pro Wrestling
California Games
Gangster Town
Out Run
Miracle Warriors

Double Dragon
After Burner
Time Soldiers
Altered Beast
Lord of the Sword

And a monopoly box and manual with no game.

Everything is great, but I'm still hoping for the day I find Golden Axe Warrior.