Thursday, April 19, 2007

Mega Bomberman

Last weekend was terrible, a friend came by and woke me up to go to the flea market with her, that is usually good except when being practically broke, first I saw a Saturn 3D pad, a bit pricey, so I decided to come back later. After a while, I saw yet another NOMAD, no, I kid you not, for some reason they have been popping up in my area lately, it had a damaged screen cover and the guy wanted $15 for it, could have haggled it to $10, but that is no use when all you have is $5, but not all was lost, sticking out on top of the NOMAD was, you guessed it........(or read the post title, or had a look at the picture below) Mega Bomberman!!

There you have it, Bomberman for the Sega Genesis, at long last, something I could afford! and finally a use for my Genesis multitap, the game, as you can see came with a Box, but no manual.

It's great party game, cute graphics and sports a cool cover, that guy was as bad-ass as you could get in the 90's, Mohawk, Sunglasses and a Skull belt, what more could you ask for?

I know what! a plastic case, the box is cardboard, resembling more the NES and SNES boxes, than the durable genesis boxes, small detail, but with a game this good, it doesn't matter.


Caleb said...

Thats always the way of it,

Until next week when I get me some green I have to avoid the Salvation army and such places...

...You see the BEST stuff when you ain't got the cash...

Good Score on the Bomberman though!


fatherkrishna said...

Nice score Porroe, you seem to have "the eye", that only a retro collector has. We're like squirrels you know, we are hoarders!

The GagaMan(n) said...

That's funny,the PAL version came in a regular plastic case. Mega Bomberman is only 2nd to Saturn Bomberman for best BMgame ever.

Anonymous said...

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