Monday, December 17, 2007

Game Accessories Part 2: Super Adaptor

Time for another game accessory, the wonderful Super Adaptor. This is a useful cart that allows the use of imports on the super famicom.

The cart has a weird design, the bottom is shaped like a SFC cart and the upper part is shaped like a SNES cart. The label says "For use with Super Famicom" but it has the concave space SNES carts have in order to fit through the plastic tabs.

Unlike some other import carts, the cart connector has the extra space for games that need the extra pins on the sides and there is enough space and also provides enough space to fit either a SFC or SNES cart.

As far as compatibility goes, i haven't found a game that won't work, though I only tried japanese and american games, perhaps PAL carts will have issues.

Here's what it looks with a US cart and a japanese cart (Sorry for the glare).


gnome said...

Excellent! Never knew bypassing 16-bit region trouble was so impressively simple. the Mega Drive (Genesis) had to be heavily modded you know...

Porroe said...

I think PAL games have problems without some modding, I have another one with 2 cart slots, one for the import game and one for a PAL game to bypass the lockout chip but I don't have any PAL games or a PAL SNES.

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