Sunday, December 23, 2007

Anwsering the world's oldest question

Maybe not so old, but here it is:

Will Nights controllers work on a Dreamcast?

The answer is....

Not with this adapter at least, it won't work in neither analog or digital mode, not even in the bios screen.

Regular controllers do work though.

So if you were one of those who wanted to build a chain of adapters to use it on Wii, you will be disappointed.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Game Accessories Part 2: Super Adaptor

Time for another game accessory, the wonderful Super Adaptor. This is a useful cart that allows the use of imports on the super famicom.

The cart has a weird design, the bottom is shaped like a SFC cart and the upper part is shaped like a SNES cart. The label says "For use with Super Famicom" but it has the concave space SNES carts have in order to fit through the plastic tabs.

Unlike some other import carts, the cart connector has the extra space for games that need the extra pins on the sides and there is enough space and also provides enough space to fit either a SFC or SNES cart.

As far as compatibility goes, i haven't found a game that won't work, though I only tried japanese and american games, perhaps PAL carts will have issues.

Here's what it looks with a US cart and a japanese cart (Sorry for the glare).

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Game Accessories Part 1: Game Action Replay

Once again I'm back from the dead, this time to bring lots of useless (and a few useful) game accesories that i have collected over the years, updates will be brief but constant so get ready because here it goes.

To kick off with a good start, here's the Game Action Replay for NES, this is sort of a primitive version of savestates provided by emulators, only a lot less useful.

This is how the front of the cart looks like. It is a very nice looking transparent case with a board much bigger than regular NES carts and a visible battery and cart slot.

Here's the back, it has 5 regular philips screws and for some reason there is nothing protecting the pins on this side. The part of the board that has the pins is also thinner than regular NES carts, which means that if your NES has an old connector it is likely to not make contact.

The installation is fairly simple, though you do have to open your NES and remove a piece of metal shielding and leave the cart permanently there.

Once it is installed you are ready to insert a cart into the GAR's cart slot, doing so is tricky, you have to insert it at an angle and leave the cart door open while you play.

Now comes the fun part, using it with the games, by pressing A + select you are treated with this menu (picture shamelessly stolen from The unlicensed world of Nintendo).

Here's what it does:

Slow Motion: Real Slow motion, not that wimpy start button autofire.

Slow Motion Flash: Sometimes fixes some bugs that slow motion causes.

Function Key: Switch between the select and start buttons to access the menu (for games that use select as a pause button).

Game Type: Depending on the letter selected and the game inserted changes the number of available save states, I'm not sure how this is determined, maybe the manual says.

Save Screens: Save current state.

Load Screens: Load state.

Scan Screens: Get a glimpse of all saved states.

Quit: Exit menu.

Unfortunately its not as useful as it sounds, many games crash or get corrupted graphics when loading, this happens most when trying to load from the title screen or from a level different to the one you saved on, mostly a hit or miss. Another issue is not being compatible with the top loader due to the cart's shape.

Despite everything, this cart usually goes for more than $80 on ebay, whenever you can find it that is.